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Saturday, June 10, 2006



for some reason, while reading your post, this song came to my mind. i don't know why.

"I will never be the same again,
I can never return, I've closed the door.
I will walk apart, I'll run the race
And I will never be the same again."

God bless as always.


Yes. Nice to see the whole thing in perspective--Thanks.

Here in the U.S. The world cup is not that big.---I know, we are slow in this area.The sport is very slowly getting popular

I watched my first game ever. Mexico vs Iran. Good Game. Just a little while ago the U.S.lost just lost 3-0. Ouch!

Oh well, may the best country win.

Marcos--World cup novice (for now). :)


Nice to see the whole thing put into perspective.


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