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Friday, January 06, 2006


Bridget Rossi

Surprisingly, a diamond is simply crystallized carbon, same as coal. Cooked for millions of years under the extreme heat and temperature, they become superhard crystals. What makes them special is that they are extremely rare. Diamonds are the symbols of dreams and extravagance that many people want, but only a few can have. Diamonds are forever because their beauty and grandeur never fade.

Akinola Akinyede

I say amen to that, Marcos.


HAPPY NEW YEAR AKINOLA!!! May God pour down his blessings upon you and I pray that you lead millions to Christ! It is going to be a great 2006.



Akinola Akinyede

Yeah Chris, sounds like a good and catcy offer......, which makes the phrase: 'Diamonds are forever' come alive again.

Chris Hamer-Hodges


"Diamonds are forever*"
[* Offer excludes ovens over 763 degrees, and areas of high hammer activity]

isn't as catchy?

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